Sweet Vows in Charlotte – Sara & John Paul

The events of 2020 certainly altered the wedding plans of many couples across the globe. Sara and John Paul faced the tough decision of either rescheduling or reimagining their wedding day as a result of COVID 19. With a few adjustments and the help of technology we were able to accommodate their needs in fun new ways. Sara’s primary concern was that her family members living in Canada weren’t able to attend due to travel restrictions. After consulting with the couple about this, we got to work creating a plan to Live Stream their ceremony in real time. After some research, cool new equipment and a few test streams – we were ready to broadcast Sara & John Paul’s vows live on a private Facebook page. All of Sara’s family in Canada were able to simply click a link and attend the wedding in real time. They could see and hear everything as if they were there in person and they left the sweetest comments and well wishes for the couple as they watched. Congratulations Sara & John Paul! We’re honored to have been part of your day.

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